Dress Code – Young Dancers Program



All students must wear pink tights and pink ballet slippers.  Hair must be in a proper ballet bun, and all bangs must be tied back.

Please leave enough time to fix your hair before class starts.

Students must wear a black leotard with the option of wearing a black skirt.



Students should wear pink tights, a pink leotard, and pink ballet slippers.

Students may wear a small pink skirt (no tutus)


Students in all levels must wear any colored leotard under black tights or black jazz pants.  Hair must be neatly and tightly pulled back into a bun, braid, or ponytail.  Students can be barefoot for the class, although many students chose to purchase foot undies.


Students should wear a black spaghetti strap leotard over black jazz pants, or black tights under black jazz shorts. All students must wear black jazz shoes.  Hair should be neatly and securely tied back into a proper ballet bun.


Students should wear tight fitting dance wear, preferably a leotard and leggings, any color/style is acceptable.  Hair must be neatly and securely tied back.


Students should wear comfortable pants (no zippers or jeans), T-SHIRT and sneakers.  Hair should be neatly and securely tied back.


Students in all tap classes should wear a black leotard with black jazz pants or shorts over black tights.  All students should have black tap shoes, and hair should be neatly and securely tied back.

If a student is dressed incorrectly they will not be allowed into class. NO JEWELRY is allowed in class except for small stud earrings. All watches, necklaces, and bracelets must be removed for safety purposes.  Please keep in mind if your child is taking back to back classes, that they should be dressed to easily change for each class (ie: if your child is taking tap and then ballet, they should wear their hair in a ballet bun to their tap class)