YDP Classes Descriptions

The Bridge for Dance offers a wide variety of classes for children from two years of age through the teen years including creative movement, pre-ballet, ballet, tap, modern/jazz, aerial circus, hip hop, karate and more…(see class descriptions below)

Our students learn the fundamentals of dance within the realm of a solid classical platform starting in Creative Movement and Pre-Ballet. The Bridge for Dance classes are perfect for the student who desires challenging classical pre-professional training, or the student who is hoping to have fun in a healthy and encouraging environment. We provide a balanced and emotionally supportive environment in which each student feels important, safe, and inspired to flourish in his/her own way.  A small student to teacher ratio allows much more personal attention for each student and for the staff the opportunity to know each family personally, giving our space an open and friendly feel.

The Young Dancers Program is a yearlong program with weekly classes scheduled from September to June, ending with an exciting June Showcase whereby the children get a chance to perform what they’ve learned. We offer a Summer Dance Program in June, July, and early August with a full schedule of fun classes that are held twice weekly. In addition, a variety of camps and workshops are also available during various holidays: President’s Week in February, and Specialty Summer Camps in Musical Theater, Aerial Circus, and Storybook Ballet.

Mommy and Me

Ages 2-3
This is a wonderful class for the child and parent or caregiver to take together (until the child is ready to separate). Through a consistent series of fun and expressive dancing, singing, clapping to music, and more, the little ones learn the general structure of what is usually their first class! This is a very special bonding time for the parent/child and a perfect early dance/music class.

Creative Movement

Ages 3-4
When boys and girls turn three, they are welcome and encouraged to start their dancing with creative movement! Our creative movement is a sweet, nurturing, structured class using elements of pre-ballet, but taught through imitation and imagery. This is not a free for all undisciplined class! Children will learn first and second positions, plie, chasse, releve, saute, and more. There is some music with words (sing/song type) used in this class that helps the little ones engage in the appropriate activities, while learning how to stand in line, understanding spacial awareness, how to wait their turn and proper entrance/exit. We use some props including dancing with scarves, spots on the floor to keep their places, and allow a short time for “free dance” where the little sweethearts have the freedom to express themselves in front of their classmates. This class is precious. After completion of 1 year of creative movement, the children are ready to move on to pre-ballet.


Ages 4-5
In pre-ballet, the children learn the fundaments of ballet in a nurturing, supportive environment. This is the class where the children develop a real understanding and appreciation for the art of ballet. Through a fun series and a modified ballet class structure, students learn how to stand in line, understanding spacial awareness, how to wait their turn and proper entrance/exit. We use some props including dancing with scarves, spots on the floor to keep their places, and allow a short time for “free dance” where the little sweethearts have the freedom to express themselves in front of their classmates.Children will learn first and second and , plie, chasse, releve, saute, and more.

Storybook Ballet

Ages 3-6
In this magical little camp/class, the children enjoy more of the creative elements of dance and ballet. The children will do creative movement, some sing along activities, read a story and dance it out in character, learn rhythm activities with drums, do an art activity, and perform in front of each other. During the camp, the children will get a short break for a snack in the two hour class. This is the perfect class/camp for every little ballerina. Attire: Pink tights, pink leotards, pink ballet shoes. Hair pulled neatly back please. Pink ballet skirt okay (no tutu’s)!

Hippity Hop

Ages 5-6
This is the perfect fun, lively after school activity! This exciting, high energy, hip hop/pop style dance class is a great way for your child to get full body exercise, learn new dance skills, and get to boogie down with their pals in a studio instead of their living room. This class is structured like a traditional dance class, but with more of an emphasis on the choreography, and a high energy, performance based vibe. The children will do a dance warm up, learn how to count music, move across the floor and learn a group dance along with other elements involved in performing. This workshop is concluded with a performance on the last day of class, that includes part of their own choreography! Children will dance to familiar, yet age appropriate music.


Ages 6-17

In all levels of ballet, the children learn the fundaments of classical ballet in a nurturing, supportive environment. Through a traditional ballet class structure, students will do ballet at the barre, en center, and across the floor to classical piano music. The students work throughout the year and conclude their year long practice with a dance during the June Showcase week. Children learn many ballet terms in french, Children will learn positions one through five for both feet and arms.

Point Prep

Age: There is no set age for this class. Admittance depends on experience and technique level in Ballet.

This class is a preparatory class meant to ready students to begin point dancing. This class is essential in building the necessary strength and flexibility of the foot and ankles required for point work. Students MUST take this class if they are to be considered for a point class here at Bridge for Dance.



Ages 7+
Modern dance is a wonderful class to take on it’s own or as an addition to training in ballet. The students will learn some of the classics in modern dance including contractions, floor work and moving with curvature of the spine. With exciting popular music that is easy to access emotionally, the students get a full body work out while learning to move with spacial awareness and full expression. This class is very popular for ages 8-14. Ballet experience is helpful, but not necessary.

Turns and Leaps

Ages 7+
Turns and leaps is a great  class that focuses on technique used in all forms of dance. The students learn how to do proper pirouette’s, jete’s across the floor and other more technically involved dance steps. The students do a series of warming up, strengthening calisthenics, and intense stretching that is necessary in preparation for dancing en center and moving across the floor. This class will greatly increase the students’ technical abilities and be able to understand the proper, classic ways of doing turns, leaps, and other tricks used in choreography. Above all, this class is full of joy and fun! 

Aerial Circus

Ages 7+
Aerial Circus Class consists of work on aerial silks and other operatics. On each apparatus, students will learn proper body positions, balances, poses, drops, and choreography.  Each class will also include a warm up, strength training, conditioning, and stretching.  As your strength increases, so will your skill and confidence….you will be amazed at what you can do. This class is a hit, and fills up very quickly!


Ages 5-17
In all levels of tap, the children learn the fundaments of classical tap in a nurturing, supportive environment. Through a traditional tap class structure, students will do warm ups en center and exercises across the floor to rhythmic music. The students work throughout the year and conclude their year long practice with a dance during the June Showcase week. Children learn many steps and develop a broad spectrum of tap vocabulary and movement.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is a high energy, poppy dance class for young boys and girls. During this super fun class, the children will learn great new, popular dance skills while getting exercise, learning movement and body awareness and having fun! During class, the students will do a warm up, learn to count music, move “across the floor”, do physical floor work, stretches, light gymnastics, and choreographed dances in a group.  All students will dance to exciting, popular music they love while getting a full body workout that develops strength, technique, musicality and coordination- and they will head home happy! All music and movement is age appropriate. All classes will end with a last-class performance! More info regarding the date/location of performance tbd.


During this fun and focused class, the students learn the traditional art of Japanese Karate. This is a program structured to help children learn discipline, concentration, focus, teamwork, physical strength and coordination. Forms and basic patterns of self defense are taught and practiced, incorporating story telling which helps teach life wisdom while keeping the students engaged. Karate practice helps the students understand awareness and restraint while also the learning the appropriate time when to use or withhold their Karate defenses.


Jazz Funk

Jazz Funk is a wonderful fusion of classical Jazz technique plus funky street stylized movement. This is a great class for someone wanting the fun of a hip hop class while still working on the technical elements that will make them a better dancer. Previous experience in Jazz, hip hop or ballet is encouraged.







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