School Outreach

Bridge for Dance, Inc. offers educational outreach for public and private school students, teachers and dance educators as well as other organizations. When joining us for our outreach, you have the choice of coming to our studio for class, or having one of our wonderful instructors come to you either during the school day or during after school hours. A few facts about our philosophy here at The Bridge for Dance:

  • We believe that dance, as a kinesthetic practice, can have a valuable influence on dancers of all ages by stimulating our mind/body connection with a unique and exciting movement experience.
  • Our programs help develop awareness and support of dance and artists by promoting connections between dance, our community and educational system. In many cases, our work with students ties in directly to class curriculum and we encourage our experienced, educated instructors to work closely to the school coordinators and teachers to create the most efficient and relevant curriculum.
  • We offer a wide variety of outreach programs at affordable rates to schools and organizations. We utilize various dance forms such as Ballet, Tap, Modern, Jazz, Hip Hop, Karate and Tap. We can work directly with schools, parents or teachers to bring children to our studio to participate in classes/workshops, observe classes or professional rehearsals.

In Studio Classes/Workshops

Currently, we have a lovely class of pre-school children who join us on Wednesday mornings for an in studio, creative movement class fromĀ The Rita Gold Early Childhood Center, a program through Teachers College of Columbia University. Many of the students who were introduced to us through this program are now also students in our Young Dancers Program.

Bridge for Dance has a new school that we’re working with, The Mandell School, where we are offering a new hippity hop class during their afters chool program. We are so excited for this new development and more classes that we will be offering at their school in Fall of 2012!

In-School Workshops/Assemblies

We have a wonderful faculty and network of the best dancers and dance companies in New York City. We would love to bring professional dance educators and/or dance companies to the school/organization for special performances, rehearsal observations and/or workshops. Please contact Ellen at Bridge for Dance to find out more about this wonderful opportunity!