Make-Up Class Policy


We strongly encourage the highest level of commitment, consistency and timeliness to most greatly benefit your child in their growth and development of their training, but we do understand that there are circumstances where missing class is inevitable. We try every year to make our policy as fair as possible, pertaining to the number of make-ups per child. Please read details below and don’t hesitate to call if you have questions or would like to schedule your child’s make-ups. 212-749-1165

Holiday Make-Up Classes

We invite and encourage every student to try any class of their choice during their current semester in order to make up for classes missed during the scheduled holidays. We allow two holiday make up classes per child per semester, which is in addition to any sick day or other absences they might have.

We are sorry, but make-ups do not roll into the following semester of classes. Scheduling make-up classes earlier rather than later is always suggested! So please call the office to schedule make-ups as soon as possible!

Absences/Sick days

Maximum (sick day) absences to make up per semester (in addition to the holiday make-ups), ¬†is two. Please call ahead and let us know if your child will not be attending the class. If your child is absent for more than two weeks in a row, we will call you to follow up on their current status. Too many absences could result in them not being included in our lovely June Showcase! So please don’t miss! If your child is injured, they are welcome to come and observe the classes.